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Visible Wellbeing School

Royal North Shore Hospital School is a Visible Wellbeing School.  Our staff have been trained to implement the Visible Wellbeing Instructional model which is underpinned by a visible wellbeing approach to Positive Education in partnership with Professor Lea Waters AM, PhD. 

Teachers use the visible wellbeing approach (See/Hear/Feel) to assess the needs of each student. This process builds rapport and creates relationships based on mutual respect in a short period of time. Forming a positive relationship with our students is our most important practice.

Innovative pedagogy connects students to their strengths through curriculum and informal practices around our teaching. The wellbeing curriculum was written using the SEARCH framework: Strengths, Emotional Management, Attention & Awareness, Relationships, Coping and Habits & Goals (Professor Lea Waters). Using this framework ensures students feel seen and heard by all staff as we address individual student needs.

In 2020 RNSH School developed an innovative teaching program- HOPE (Hospital Outreach in Education). HOPE is an outreach program that aims to build student’s emotional literacy through an online individualised program. Over the past 4 years RNSH School has received many testimonials to our student’s positive school transitions and improved mental health. HOPE continues to grow as we expand the number of schools and students that are supported.

School staff working on the paediatric and other wards of the hospital are proactive members of multidisciplinary teams, working collaboratively with medical staff and allied health services, as well as close liaison with home schools and family members/carers. This collaboration ensures optimum health and educational outcomes for our students. 

We believe our purpose is to make wellbeing visible and to ensure that our students are connected to their learning in meaningful ways. This will support the development of positive social and emotional health of staff and students.

Some of the ways we promote Visible Wellbeing in our school

Visible wellbeing in our school

Some examples of Visible Wellbeing practices at RNSH School include lifting energy through brain breaks or calming it through mindfulness exercises, art, a game, sharing gratitude or encouraging positive thoughts.

Teachers address concerns around tasks and current schoolwork or social interactions. They may discuss positive reframing, goal setting, growth mindset and perseverance.

Journaling and strength work are used as wellbeing tools, as well as the promotion of healthy habits and sleep as being key to wellbeing.


HOPE launch

HOPE (Hospital Outreach Program in Education). HOPE is a free follow-up service for 6-12 students attending a Department of Education School.

This unique program is an evidence based social and emotional eLearning program that keeps the student connected to their school during extended health related absences.

The main aims of the program are to:

·       Maintain a strong link between the student and their regular school

·       Identify the wellbeing needs of each student to support their educational pathway

·       Facilitate a positive transition to the student’s educational setting

The program was designed incorporating the latest research from the field of Positive Psychology and helps to build positive mental health with hope for the future. (1:58)


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